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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ejen -000

( Beware people coz Im spying on you )
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Haha.. Im just kidding. Tak pernah pun jadi spy. Title blog pun merepek2. Mentang2 dah baik dmam mulalah nk buat keje entah pape. Haha.. Tiba2 Aira terdetik nk usha blog member2 Aira. Walaupun Aira tak jadi follower diaorg saje je Aira usha2 blog diaorg ni semua ( sbnrnye diaorg pun tk tawu Aira ade blog cmne nk follow kn? Hehe.. ). Waaaaa.. Ramai betul followers diaorg ni. Im so impressed with them. How can they attract people to be their followers? Is there any tricks behind this? Did they used some sort of magic tricks to attract their readers to followed them? Geez.. I wonder what are the formula behind this. Aira tengok blog diaorg biase2 je. Ade yg klakar tu mmg wt lawak abess. Ade gk yg post blog pasal life diaorg tntg relationship,family,friends..

Tp kn.. Mcm mane diaorg boleh ade ramai followers? Aira tak jeles ok? Hehe.. Just nk tawu je. Aira sbnrnye tak tawu pun ape fungsi followers ni.Yelaaa da lame Aira tggal dunia blog. 7 tahun da Aira tak bukak blog. Password pun dah lupe. Hak2.. Ni blog baru.Tu yg tk tawu nk post ape tu. Anyway,ade rewards ke kalau kite jd follower nii? Hehe.. Kalau ade Aira pun nk laaa.. Ngeee.. Boleh redeem my rewards. Haha.. But, it seems like no one gonna be my followers since my blog is no extraordinary. Wuwuwu.. Tp tak pe lah. It is not necessary to be my follower. The only reason why im posting in my blog is just for fun, not to entertain people or to persuade them. Maybe my friends got the talent to entertain others. Me.. Myself will totally enjoy my life especially with my family and him.
So, happy with your life.