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Sunday, 20 November 2011


Yesterday, after I had finished my MUET test my dearest mom suddenly called me. At the beginning she just asked me on MUET. "How was your test? Is it okay my dear? I pray for your success.",she said. I said thanks to Allah for helping me by making the tape for listening test stuck. So that it will be easy for me to jot down the info if the tape suddenly stop working. The tape suddenly end at question 16. Everyone wonder.. How about question 17-20? Is it Bonus for us? Hehe.. I also taught in my mind that the other 4 questions be our bonus marks. Haha.. What a shame.. They found questions 17-20 at the end. Huhu.. Sedih.. Baru berangan nk dpt markah bonus. Hehe.. Byk kali diaorg main tape tu. Dpt laa crik jawapan byk2 kali kn? Hope sgt dpt band bagus. Amin..

Oh yaaa.. Ckap pasal terkezzuutt ni. Lepas habis je MUET ingt dpt laa rest kejap. Mengantuk.. Aira pun tido laa. Tibe2 ptg tu mama Aira call. Mama ckp mama dah smpai kt gate ni. Cepat siap. Aira ape laa kelam kabut pegi mandi, kemas2 barang. Semua Aira buat dlm mase 20 min. Bygkan laa. Mandi kerbau, kambing, lembu semua ade la. Package.. Haha.. Mama Aira ni mmg suke dtg mengejut. Suke dtg tak bg tawu. Daa smpai baru nk call. Bhye kn? Susa nk hangout ngn member.. Risau lau mama dtg mengejut ni. Huhu..